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​​​The Cottages of Wolfeboro

Cabin Rentals -Lake Winnipesaukee Vacation

Cabin & Cottage Rentals Near Lake Winnipesaukee, NH

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 Boating on Lake Winnipesaukee and The Lakes Region

The Cottages of Wolfeboro

Cabin Rentals near Lake Winnipesaukee, Wolfeboro, NH

Lake Winnipesaukee and the Lakes Region is a boater’s paradise and starting from the Historical town of Wolfeboro is Spectacular.  “Winni” is the largest lake in the state, with
seventy two square miles of clear blue water set against a backdrop of rolling hills and mountains and some 365 islands. Enjoy wide open areas for satisfying your need for speed and numerous quiet coves and sheltered areas for exploring and lounging around. Winnipesaukee, Wentworth, and 273 other local lakes offer amazing variety, adventure and solitude.  There are many places that offer Boat Rentals, Jet Ski Rentals, Sports Craft and Water Toys for your enjoyment.  Additionally, there are several interesting charter and cruise options to permit you to sit back and enjoy the splendor of this spectacle.  This article will help to break down the options!


Section 1:  Permits & Safety

Section 2:  Boat Launches

Section 3:  Rentals – Power Boats, Docks & Slips

Section 4:  Rentals - Sailboats, Jet Ski’s, Water Toys and Sport Craft

Section 5:  Cruises & Charters

Section 1:  Permits & Safety

Boat Permits:

For those who will be renting a boat
,you must have a NH safe boating certificate or hold a hold a NASBLA approved certificate from another state if renting a boat with a motor in excess of 25 horsepower.  If you don't have a certificate, the place you're renting from will probably administer a quick exam on site to obtain a 14-day Temporary Certificate.   Boat rental fleets are limited, so you should definitely call ahead to discuss your needs and make sure everything is in order.
 Online Boating Safety Course

If you are new to boating in NH, our first step is to get a navigational chart and a good GPS.  The lake is broken up by hundreds of islands of every size and shape, scattered around at random.  If you want to meander around and explore, or lounge in a quiet cove, this is your lake.  However, with such a uniquely shaped lake, it's easy to become quite disoriented and lost. Bizer currently offers what many consider to be the best chart of Lake Winnipesaukee and you should have one on board at all times.  The chart will also help you steer clear of the other hidden risks.  Like all lakes, Lake
Winnipesaukee,Wentworth and the others have their fair share of shallows and areas with rocks hidden just beneath the surface.  It's important to know the current lake level, which has a seasonal 1-3 ft fluctuation & your boat's draft, when operating nearing these areas.

New Hampshire Boaters Handbook
Emergencies:For 24-hour tow service, battery jump or emergency fuel for all of Lake Winnipesaukee call: 1-866-LAKE TOW  (525-3869)

Section 2:  Boat Launches

Within 5 Minutes of Cottages:

  1. Goodhue & Hawkins Marina, Sewell Rd, Wolfeboro
  2. Corinthian Yatch Club – Nancy Way, Downtown Wolfeboro
  3. Wolfeboro Public Boat Launches – (no fee) overnight docking at town docks is no longer permitted
    1. On Main Street by the town docks,
    2. Back Bay by Train Station
    3. Mast Landing to get onto Lake Wentworth
  4. Roberts Cove Basin, 2nd Entrace, Bottom of the Hill, Alton, $15 Fee Charged


Meredith Public Docks
Hesky Park - Junction of Route 3 and 25
$20 Fee Charged (if you don't have a Meredith Facility Use Sticker)

Shep Brown's Boat Launch
31 Lovejoy Sands Road, Meredith NH
$20 Fee Charged (if you don't have a Meredith Facility Use Sticker)

Center Harbor Town Docks
Route 25, Center Harbor
$15 Fee Charged, no fee for town residents.

Fay's Boat Yard
71 Varney Point Road Gilford, NH 03249  (Off of Route 11)
$20 Fee Charged

Lakeport Landing Marina
65 Gold St, Laconia, NH 03246
Available Monday-Friday 8am - 4:30pm
$20 Fee Charged

Silver Sands Motel & Marina 
103 Weirs Road, Gilford, NH 03249
Available 8:30am to 9:30pm,
$20 Fee Charged

Section 3:  Rentals – Power Boats, Docks & Slips

Rentals: PowerBoats, Docks & Slip/Valet & Services
Within 5 Minutes of the Cottages:

Hole in the Wall

45 North Main

Wolfeboro, NH


Goodhue & Hawkins Navy Yard
244 Sewall Rd
Wolfeboro Bay, NH 

Corinthian Yatch Club
12 Nancy’s Way
Wolfeboro, NH 

Back Bay Marina
19 Bay St
Wolfeboro, NH 


Channel Marine
96 Channel Lane
Weirs Beach, NH 
888-265 0280 

Melvin Village Marina, Inc. 
463 Governor Wentworth Hwy. 
Tuftonboro NH 03850
(603) 544-3583

Lake Side Boat Rentals
Route 11D (at Bay Side Inn)
Alton Bay, NH 03810 

Anchor Marine
Winnipesaukee Pier
Weirs Beach, NH 03247
(603) 366-4311

Thurston’s Marina
PO Box 5400
Weirs Beach, NH 03246
(603) 366-4811

Fay’s Boat Yard
71 Varney Point Rd.
Gilford, NH 03249
(603) 293-8000

Trexler's Marina
At The Long Island Bridge
Neck Road, Moultonborough, NH
(603) 253-7315

Winnisquam Marine
PO Box 250
Winnisquam, NH
(603) 524-8380

Shep Brown's Boat Basin
31 Lovejoy Sands Road
Meredith, NH 03253
(603) 279-4573

Meredith Marina
2 Bayshore Drive
Meredith, NH 03253
(603) 279-7921

Section 4:  Rentals - Sailboats, Jet Ski’s, Water Toys and Sport Craft

Rentals: Sailboats, Jet Skis’, Water Toys & SportsCraft
Within 5 Minutes of the Cottages:


Goodhue & Hawkins Navy Yard
244 Sewall Rd
Wolfeboro Bay, NH 

CorinthianYatch Club
12 Nancy’s Way
Wolfeboro, NH 


Back Bay Marina

Wet Wolfe Rentals
19 Bay St
Wolfeboro, NH 

Wolfeboro Jet Ski Rentals
32 Center Ave
Wolfeboro, NH 

Water Toys, Kayaks, Paddle Boards, Canoe’s etc:

4 North Main St. 
Wolfeboro NH
(603) 569-8080

Full Moon Paddle Boarding

23 N. Main St, Durgin Stables

Wolfeboro, NH  03894


Section 5:  Cruises & Charters

Cruises & Charters

Here's my list of fun things to do around Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire: Cruise the lake exploring the coves, sandbars, parts of Lake Winnipesaukee you haven't seen, going to the different town docks for lunch or dinner. Try sailing the broads or between some of the islands. Feel the wind in your hair and relax without the worries of the real world.

MS Mount Washington, Doris E. & Sophie C. Cruises
PO Box 5367, (On The Boardwalk, Lakeside Ave.)
Weirs Beach, NH 03246

Winnipesaukee Belle
90 North Main Street
Wolfeboro, NH 03894
(603) 569-3016

Molly the Trolleys & Millie B Antique Boat Rides
60 N. Main St
Wolfeboro, NH 03894
603) 569-1080

Biplane Scenic Rides
65 Aviation Way @ Laconia Airport
Gilford, NH 03249
(603) 250-6184

NH Boat Museum
399 Center Street
Wolfeboro, NH 03896
(603) 569-4554

Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad
154 Main Street
Meredith, NH 03253